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Safe public places or not? : The story of Kenya Westgate Shopping Centre

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Dust has now settled and the smoke finally dessipated. A total number of 67 dead people was reported. All this happened at what one would call a public save place, a shopping mall. Who had ever in thier wildest dreams or thinking have forseen this ordeal? I guess none, even Raila Odinga or Uhuru Kennyata would not make such a claim.

It is very said to have your loved ones trapped in an area which in a sober thinking is supposed to be a place for entertainment and relaxation. When the news first broke out that the Westgate Shopping Centre is under siege, the world could not help but look with dismay as the audio visual cips rolled all over the world leading news channels. The international community was quick to demand for answers. The Nairobi head office could not even figure it out, up to untill it broke to twitter that the extremist movement, al shabaab was behind the whole saga.

Questions to ask…

1.Isn’t it mandatory for the public areas to have a high class security features such as the electronic scanners for dangerous weapons or anything else that is lethal?
2.Who should be held responsible for the events leading to the attack or hostage drama??
3.Are we (international community) safe from the relegious insurgents movements??

For the first question: It is mandatory for every congested public area (i.e. malls, stadia) to have a high class security features in order to alert the security personnel about any life threatening situations.

For the second one; the Kenya government in terms of the Security ministry must be held responsible for the whole debacle. Such ministries should be aware of the quality of the security given to any public place by any private companies or even the state police if that is the case. This is vital because such places are not only patronized by the locals but by the tourists as well. So what happened may as well paint Kenya bad in the eyes of the other cuntries who suffered casualties in the hostage drama.

For the third question: Ignoring the fact that the insurgents movements has rapidly spread all over the greater portion of the world will be a suicidal belief. One can not claim that thier country of origin have no elements of such movements within. The issue is more about how active and transparentare such movements. The more covert they are in any country, the more dangerous they are.

What must be done now…
The international community must be aware of the existance of the various extremist movements and the threat they are carrying. The world through the UNSC (UN Security council) must provide a very strong assistance in terms of donating the latest security tools to the emerging economies.Various small countries which are used by such movements as thier hide-outs must be identified and recieve a security boost from the UN through thier regional multinational organisations (i.e. AU, ECOWAS)


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