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Not Everything Closed During Government Shutdown

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An analysis of the US federal goverment shutdown.


WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – While national parks, many federal offices and museums remain closed, some essential government services continue to operate.

The government will continue release economic data, like the unemployment figures on Friday. The Treasury Department says such information is vital to the American and global economy.

Patent and Trademark Office can remain open for four weeks after the shutdown by drawing on fees and other funds.

Some food inspections will continue. The Food Safety and Inspection Service will continue all safety-related activities. The Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration can continue inspections which are paid by user fees. The Food and Drug Administration will continue to monitor recalls and conduct investigations though other activities will cease.

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts expects to stay open through the shutdown. While it receives an annual appropriation from Congress it also runs on ticket revenue and endowment funds.

The IRS…

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