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The Farce of the US Government ‘Shutdown’

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The Republican-led house failed to take heed of Obama-led Demoracts’ advises on how to avoid the shutdown. The debate regarding this debacle has been going on behind the walls of the White House for quite some time. Now the question to every american citizen or any other individual touched by the recent shutdown is: are the federal government policies manipulated by the the political opponents for the benefit of discrediting one another???


by Greg Canavan, Daily Reckoning.com.au:

Will 2013 go down as the year we saw a definitive change in the fortunes of the great American Empire? That’s the question we’ll ponder today – and its effect on Australia – as news over the US budget impasse looks set to dominate the week’s events.

Markets rallied on Friday on hopes that Republicans and Democrats would come to some kind of agreement over the US government shutdown and the looming debt ceiling issue. But on Sunday in the US, senior Republican and House Speaker John Boehner said that it was time to ‘stand and fight‘.

Them sounds like fight’n words…

S&P 500 futures consequently fell, and so far this morning our market is trading in a more subdued manner too.

The main issue here is that the US is living well beyond its means. There are some in the Republican…

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