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Counting the mistakes: A Nation uncertain

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It’s just only few months remaining before the South African 2014 general elections.The country is still at some sort of uncertainty on who they must cast thier vote at the polling stations, come 2014. Only certain are those loyal to their political parties or those who are self-brainwashed with the ideology that; should any other party (except the current ruling party) take over the government, the barbaric historical imbalances will re-surface. Some are even mentioning that they will rather suffer under the current regime rather than risking to expose a whole new experience by not keeping the current party in the government.

It so amazing and fascinating to recount on the recent political changes that took place in the country. The new kid on the block (EFF), has evoked a further uncertainty in the majority of black population. Most notably in the youth and quite considerable part of the older population. With its “pro-economic reform” policies, the suffering part of the population has seen it (EFF) as their savior. We are jet to see if indeed the EFF will champion what they calls the “economic oppression of the masses”.

On the other hand, the infighting-affected COPE has managed to settle its two leaders’ long term leadership battle. Mosioua Lekota has been declared a legitimate COPE leader by the court. Does this imply the resignation of Mbazhima Shilowa or another attempt (his) to topple Lekota at the next conference (if there will be any) or another court battle??

The importance of these two parties is that; they were all given to birth by the factional battles within the ANC. They are both the derivatives of the ANC and were or are  the self-proclaimed reformists’ within the ANC last hope.

These are the political mistakes the parties commit, which as the result, leave the nation out of alternative choice at the polls. If the parties in opposition (most notably those derived from the ANC) can behave in a manner that is more politically focused, coherent, and internally organised, perhaps they may prove right their reasons for exiting their former parties. The latter will as well make a shift on any other ordinary citizen’s political mentality that “what if the alternative party wins the elections”, to a more informed mentality that any party as long as it is unified can rule the state. This can only be attained by the opposition parties by practically demonstrating their expertise in the constitutional and self-governing policies.


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