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About Motlhako Mojolwane


Motlhako Mojolwane is an academic with extensive knowledge in African and International politics. Challenging the political awareness of fellow Africans through writing and speaking, is his daily task. Lets open a debate and engage on issues affecting our societies. Be it internationally or locally.

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  1. Lucky Mojolwane says:

    Ga ke morwa, E bile ga ke Morolong
    Ke Motho wa gaabo Mojolwanyana
    O thubileng Dikgapa!

    Mogojwe a thuba phafana
    A be a thuba Le Mae a moadimo
    Ba re di tla gongwa ka eng
    Baga e Le sa Mmamokodu
    Wa monna wa sefofu

    Baga seleele sa kgaoga
    Ba re o bogale a eme a Se sele
    Se setswe ke mosweu monna wa moswewana

    Mojolwanyana tshego la matshwariso
    Thusa foo!!!!!

  2. think_simon says:

    I will come back to you my dear brother, with a full version. Let me go and do my comparison research.
    However thank you for such a remarkable awareness towards being Afrocentric.

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